Team Shazoo 002 - Waistell

Hello everyone and welcome back to episode 2 of our Team Shazoo Blog, the only blog out there which you will get to learn some of the ins & outs of our members, and find out some more about them.

The speakers in the blog will be marked as follows

Oneill - On

Waistell - Wa

On - This week we will be featuring Waistell, He is a relatively new member to the organisation however he has already created a lot of rumble as a driver for us recently being crowned the 2 time back to back LCR PRO Champion so welcome welcome welcome, how are you doing today?

Wa - Yeah in not bad thanks for asking!

On - Can you tell everyone who you are and a little bit about yourself

Wa - Well first off thank you for having me! My names Thomas Waistell, I'm coming up 18 and hail from the mighty Sunderland. I compete in varying league's for Team Shazoo's F1 Xbox roster.

On - Being a f1 racer for us when was it you actually first got interested in racing?

Wa - I've always been a motorsports fan for as long as I can remember. First race I watched was Melbourne 2007 and the rest is history.

On - Is there a key moment you had witnessed that sparked the competitive side of things? Or was it more of a natural progression to just go compete in what you enjoy?

Wa - Always seen myself as a wee bit competitive, was never able to chase the dream of being a real life racing driver however discovering league racing was a great substitute. It felt quite sudden arriving into league racing with front running pace and I'm getting quicker by the day! I think LCR IV at Canada when I won my first league race was when I really felt the spark to compete further knowing I had the pace to fight up top.

On - What is it about competing in races that excites you?

Wa - Doing league racing is a pleasant substitute to not being able to be a real life driver. However the feeling of racing against others who enjoy the same passion as you is a great feeling. I've races along some very quick lads and lasses through my life and made some great mates along the way. It's a great way to connect with others.

On - Which season do you think has been your best from when you first began till now & why?

Wa - My first ever league race was Sochi in TF1L (sadly no longer running) and with the drivers in that league finishing 8th in my first race was such a result for me. When I got the call from Apex (@ApexMelvyn) to compete in LCR it's helped me grow stronger in racing and winning my first ever title last season really spured me on to bigger things. My best season IMO was the recent LCR V PRO. Winning both titles with such strong speed and consistency, I felt the quickest I've been. Plus back to back WORLD points finishes shows I can take it to the faster boys.

On - throughout your career racing, is there a driver who you are constantly battling that you would consider your main rival on track?

Wa - Can't really say I've had a MAIN rival on track, I've had people that I've fought from time to time however there have been some really fun battles! Apex and Emerald in this seasons PRO for example. Hoping for more in the future.

On - Is there a driver you race with or see racing in another league that you get inspiration from?

Wa - LCR LEOPARD is a great example of a league racer, aggressive and quick which is how I like to be on track, bit behind him on pace but who knows, maybe next season ;)

On - Being familiar to codemasters games, which feature in the game do you get the most satisfaction from?

Wa - I do like the changes to career they bring every year, makes the feel of being in the paddock ever more real with each game which is really fun.

On - And from the other end, which do you get most frustrated with and wish they could potentially update?


On - Outside of F1 is there other games you play?

Wa - Forza and PC in terms of racing, like the occasional RL, CoD or Battlefield game from time to time.

On - And what got you interested in joining the organisation, and how does it feel being part of the team now you are settled?

Wa - I've felt very welcome by the guys at Shazoo, I feel part of the family already and it's been less than 2 months which shows just how friendly the environment is inside the team. Got interested in the organisation by seeing it's growth in the community, it's moves in sponsorships and brand growth have really impressed me and I couldn't help but want to be a part of it. Plus I really liked saying Shazoo hehe.

Twitter Questions from @Julien2395_

Which Year Did you Start League Racing & on what platform?

Wa - League racing, late 2017 was my baby steps into the xbox racing scene.

What setup did you use back then when competing?

Wa - Always been a wheel lad, was then, am now.

Which game was it? Do your recall?

Wa - F1 2017, Forza 7 shortly afterwards.

Random Questions

On - Eye colour?

Wa - Brown

On - Favourite music artist?

Wa - George Ezra, what a guy.

On - Best f1 driver of all time?

Wa - Very close between Hamilton and Schumacher. Gotta be HAM tho. (Sorry)

On - greggs or subway?

Wa - MIGHTY GREGGS. (Sunderland has 20 so never shy of a cheeky sausage roll)

On - Well thank you for your time It has been a pleasure talking with you briefly and hopefully you guys got to know a little bit more about our boy, but before we go, Waistell is there anything you would like to say to the readers to help/inspire or make people laugh?

Wa - Its been a pleasures to speak to you! As a final sendoff? Probably since this year has been hell for me at times, just want everyone to remember that your aspirations are never far enough away to give up on. Remember that as you slide down the banister of life, may all the oncoming splinters point you in the right direction, Waistell x

Thank you very much for your time! Below we will link all of Waistells details so make sure to follow his adventures!

The next Episode of Team Shazoo will feature Oli Smithson. Any questions put in the comment section below OR @ us on twitter @TeamShazoo.



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